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The choice is yours

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Harnesses are very personal, and as a unique person you want one your own special way. At High Energy Sports Inc. you choose the basic harness, the insulation, and the options. We build it the way you want it. You pay only for those options you want.

I Tracer, Cocoons, Stirrup, Double Decker, JR Kneehanger, Design your harness your way!

I Tracer

This is our most popular harness built with safety, sit-up-ability and comfort in mind.
Continuous Webbing Structure
Adjustable Padded Leg Straps
Parachute Container
Glove Box
Easy access slot
Emergency storage slot
Padded Shoulders
Easy to rotate suspension
Skid plate toe protector
Full length internal storage compartment
Easy Entry Side Zip
Hidden Bungee retractor channel
Aero tow loops
Steel carabiner and pulley
Adjustable boot length 

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This long time favorite has been re-discovered by many pilots who like the open air design.
Continuous webbing
Adjustable leg pads
Parachute container
Glove box
Easy Access slot
Emergency storage slot
Reinforced boot
Universal Back Pack option
6000 pound mains
Parachute bridle Velcro guides
Back strap
Extra loops
Lower back support line attachments
Aero tow loops


Built like a cocoon but cut off below the knees.

Double Decker

The tandem harness built for launching and landing on wheels.
Stainless steel spreader bar
Removable top harness
Independent mains work in unison
Two height settings for upper harness
Tandem handles
Body support poles
Choice of cocoon or stirrup configurations
Multiple foot bars to accommodate different size pilots

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JR Kneehanger

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Designed by Jim Reynolds, this "trainer harness can accommodate pilots from 5’ to 6’2" tall.
This keeps the resale value high.
Continuous webbing
Adjustable Padded leg straps
Adjustable shoulder/torso length
Velcro on knee supports

Design your harness your way!

Choice of Colors & Fabric We stock over 23 different colors and can special order "weird" color for an additional charge. You can choose any combination of colors for no additional charge as long as each color is cut with one solid piece of material. For a small extra charge you can choose a heavy duty material for your exterior or fleece for the interior.

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Custom Graphics Draw a picture or logo to scale and we can build it into your harness.
Custom sizing Your harness will be cut according to the measurements you provide. If it does happen that you receive a harness that does not fit properly even after you have made that adjustments outlined in the owner's manual, we will alter the harness at no additional charge.

Custom Chest Mounted Parachute.jpg (12353 bytes)

Custom Chest-mounted parachte bag designed by HES as seen in HG magazine,June 1999 edition.

Attention to Detail Each harness is custom sized with attention to detail: the scoop of the neck, the angle of the boot, the placement of your suspension points, the superior craftsmanship attained only through many years of hang gliding harness and parachute design and manufacture.
Lots of Options Is there something you want but have never seen on a hang gliding harness? Just let us know and as long as we feel it does not jeopardize safety we are happy to work with you on it. That is how we get new options.


Insulation: Your choice of 1/4" closed cell foam, 1/8" closed cell foam, Thinsulate or no foam.


Standard Parachute Container: This container has a handy glove box above the parachute that is neatly faired on the outside of the harness. There is a handy storage slot behind the glove box for gloves, candy or things you want in flight. The lower slot is for a baggie of emergency items such as dental floss, signal mirror, Band-Aids etc. The parachute handle is located at the top of the parachute container. Chute_2.gif (9169 bytes)
"Side-door" Style Standard Parachute Container: This is the same as the standard container but the parachute handle is on the side of the parachute container.
Replaceable Front Flap Parachute Container: The front of this parachute container is completely removable and replaceable.

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Double storage Chute Container: Faired storage compartments are located both above and below the parachute container. Zipper & Velcro access.
Two Parachute Container: Double parachute compartments accommodate two parachutes. You may choose to put your hand-deployed parachute in the top container and save the lower container for your rocket deployed parachute.


Map Pocket: Located on the front of your parachute container, this flat zippered pocket is just right for carrying maps.

Hip Pockets: These two zippered pockets measuring 5" by 10" are conveniently located right at your hips. Web Ladder Loops inside.

Stash Pouch: Located on the flat bottom of the Cocoon or Tracer boot, this pouch is just the right size for carrying keys, wallets, spare parts or a good book for those unexpected long waits.

In-Flight Back Pack: This pack boasts of lots of extra storage room. Velcro tabs hold the side pleats flat when not in use and allow you the extra depth when you have your pack full. It is sewn onto the back of your enclosed harness.

Custom Pockets: You specify the dimensions and we will build the pocket to fit your needs.


Web Ladder Loop Strips: This strip of webbing is sewn to form attachment loops so you can carry all sorts of extra stuff. Webbing strips can be placed next to your parachute container, on your back or just about any place you like.

Radio Holder: Designed to hold a walkie-talkie style radio, this laced bungee system is mounted next to your parachute container to provide easy access to your radio and controls. If you wish to fly without your radio, the holding strap can easily be removed.

Camera Holder: We will build you a collapsible pocket with safety to accommodate your camera.

Boot Clip: This side release clip holds the boot of your harness off the ground during ground handling. IT IS NOT INTENDED FOR USE WHILE LAUNCHING.

Tow loop: Route your tow line through these loops to position the line where you want it. Tow loops are sewn into the continuous webbing structure and located between the chest and main support line unless otherwise specified.

Aero Tow Loops: These loops are located where the shoulder pad meets the harness chest piece. They are sewn into the continuous webbing structure.

Extra Side Buckle: For pilots who prefer two snaps on the torso of their harness.

Quick ejector side buckles can be ordered for an additional charge.


Knee Support Foam Pads: For your added comfort relaxes your knees into these soft "pillow" Straight legs without strain.

Water Bladder: We use the Camelback drinking system with the freedom valve that allows you to bite the nozzle and suck the liquid without taking your hands off the control bar. This convenient system has a collapsible bladder that can easily be removed and replaced. Built into your harness, the water bladder is a quick cure for those cotton mouth flights.

Clam Cleat Pitch Adjuster: Change your body's angle of attack with a pull of a cord. Fly head up, head down or anywhere in-between all in the same flight. Optional pulley is available for easy rotation.

Bridle Cover: This sheath runs the length of the harness main support line to protect the parachute bridle line from UV exposure and dirt. Since all of our parachute bridles automatically come with a protective cover this option may not be necessary for you.

Spreader Bar: This option comes is located at the hip area and spreads the harness to avoid pinching. Spreader bars may also be requested for legs and chest.

Deluxe Gear Bag Upgrade: If you prefer an official backpack style gear bag this is the option for you. It features adjustable padded shoulder straps, handy hanging loop, 3 outer pockets, and tons of room. A padded hip belt can be added for an additional charge.

 HARNESS COLORS Standard fabric for inside and outside of your harness: Black, Charcoal, Silver, White, Brown, Tan, Florescent Orange, Gold, Yellow, Florescent Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Pacific Blue, Medium Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Maroon, Purple, Lavender, Magenta, Red, Pink, & Hot Pink.

Heavy Duty fabric for the outside of your harness: Black, Forest Green, Charcoal, Maroon, & Silver (additional charge)

Special inside only fabric: Fleece (additional charge)


Ballast Container/glove Box: (cocoons only) this ballast container is excellent for extra storage and extra weight. The ballast container can be divided into one, two or three separate compartments. The glove box separates your parachute container from the ballast compartments.

Advantage Container (cocoons only): Featuring a glove box, parachute container, & large front storage compartment (12" x 18" x 4"), the Advantage offers lots of out-of-the-way storage for cocoon pilots.

Universal Back Pack (cocoons only): This full size back pack is built into your cocoon and has room to carry your helmet, instruments, and flying gear. When you are ready to fly, the Universal bag becomes a handy in-flight glider bag storage unit.

Knee Support Poles: Increase your lower leg support with this option.

Mesh Drain: This 2" X 12" strip if mesh is located at the boot of your harness to help you "Water Birds" drain.