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Deployment bag considerations that should be checked on all hang gliding parachutes includes:

Deployment Bag Okay if … Not Okay
Handle Sewn securely to the deployment bag Sewn without reinforcement
Has Safety pins attached No safety pins attached
Safety Pins Curved with smooth ends Have burrs on the end of the pin
Are made from solid wire or die cut with smooth edges Are made from clevis pins or cable
Line stowage Lines are enclosed in the deployment bag or a separate line pocket on the deployment bag. Lines are stowed on the outside of the deployment bag with rubber bands
Bag Easily releases drom the harness It gets caught up in the harness container
Parachute Container Items
Grommets Grommets for safety lock bungees allow bungees to release easily. Grommets are too small for bungee to release safety pin easily.
Safety pins release easily when handle is pulled The safety pins do not release easily.
Attachment To Harness Sewn securely to the harness. The parachute container is sloppy and the top Velcro bucjkles when the pilot tries to deploy the parachute.
Opening/Closing flap Has 1" Velcro loop and pile closing the container. Has too much Velcro for the pilot to deploy easily.
Has safety lock system. Does not have a safety lock system.
Pin/Flap arrangement secures container