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Paragliding Parachutes and Accessories Order Form

Item Code
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Quantity Desription Special Instructions


QS 330 with double riser for PG $575
QS 440 with double riser for PG $625
QS 550 with double riser for PG $675
Parachute Related products and services
Parachute inspection and repack $ 30
Deployment bag without handle $ 35
Deployment Bag with two pin handle
Custom deployment bag (specify harness) $ 50
Double riser bridle replaced $ 50
Externally mounted parachute container $ 50
Repairs and custom work $ 45
Paragliding Accessories
Hook Knife $ 15
Flying Belt (Specify size) $ 12

To send order to High energy Sports, Please go to your above toolbar, click on mail,click on Send Page, and in the "To:" box type in and send. We are sorry for the inconvience at this time.  ***This is a unsecured form***