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Look what’s new in Powered Parachute Wings!


News Flash:

Quantum Advantage replacement wings are now available from High Energy Sports!!  Once sold only on new Buckeye vehicles, this original Advantage wing is now available  to you.  Consult your local dealer for details.


High Energy Sports, Inc. now offers dealers a special Introductory price to be passed on to your customers.  Discounts are determined on an accumulative bases over a 12 month period.  All discounts are retroactive!  Contact Betty for details.


Quantum Parachutes Inc. and High Energy Sports, Inc. have joined forces to produce high quality, aerodynamically sound Powered Parachute Replacement Wings. After researching the longevity and fight characteristics of older wings, it has become very apparent that well-built carts are outlasting the wings. HES PPC550 2.jpg (8706 bytes)
"The problem with providing replacement wings" states Betty Pfeiffer, president of High Energy Sports, Inc., "is that each vehicle seems to have it’s own geometry. For that reason we need to custom build each line set with consideration of the distance between hard point connectors, riser length and configuration, steering stroke, and CG of the particular vehicle".

hes500flt1.jpg (14094 bytes)

Often pilots try to interchange PPC wings between vehicles and they are surprised the parachute does not fly the same. High Energy Wings take the guess-work out of replacements.
High Energy Wings are built for quality with the best fabric available. In addition color-coded QR Spectra lines assist the pilot in organizing the parachute while providing lightweight low stretch suspension.
To Qualify for a High Energy Replacement Wing, your vehicle must be structurally sound.

You will not qualify if:

Your vehicle uses tangs for cable attachments
Your vehicle is older than 1994.
Your vehicle has been damaged and not inspected by the manufacturer or a qualified agent of the manufacturer.
You have a homebuilt vehicle.
You do not have pulley only routing on your steering system.