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Powered Parachute Accessories

High Energy Flying Risers:

High Energy Flying Risers are constructed out of 6000 pound webbing covered with a nylon protective sheath. Pulleys to guide your steering lines are incorporated into this very innovative design.

The benefits of High Energy webbing risers include: Shock absorption for a smoother ride, elasticity to reduce over stressing your wing, no more cable scratches on your cart frame.

These risers have been laboratory tested and are twice the strength of ordinary cable risers.

Price: $200

High Energy Line Sleeves

These Line sleeves run from your vehicle’s hard point  into the Stuff Bag. This protects your risers as well as keeping your lines organized. A simple adjustable clip allows High Energy Line Sleeves to be used on most makes and models of PPC vehicles.

Price: $60

High Energy Stuff Bag

Conventional High Energy Stuff Bag has a simple zipper and adjustable straps well suited to any vehicle and any parachute.

Price: $60